About Us

We put together this website in the hope that it would be helpful to lots of people. We know that there are lots of people struggling financially at the moment and we wanted to help them. Therefore, we decided that putting together a website would be useful. We have included information that we hope will be really useful to lots of people. We think that some of the main reasons for people having problems with money are because they do not understand how to use it properly and they do not know enough about how to choose the right type of accounts and loans. Therefore, we have put together some information on these subjects and hope that it will be really helpful to lots of people. It is our hope that we will be able to help lots of people to get a better idea of what they need to think about when they are choosing financial products so that they pick the best ones for them. We realise that it can be tricky because everyone has different needs and different financial situations. This means that there is not an easy solution for everyone. However, if we all think carefully about what our needs are and match that to a product then hopefully we will all be able to manage our money well and be happier as a result.